Friday, April 3, 2009


I have always been the artistic type.

With out ever being told to do so, I have always felt the longing to mold and shape, cut and compile things, even at a very young age.

My mom didn't always approve of my creative ambition when it meant cutting up a perfectly good t-shirt to concoct my own designs. But she encouraged me and led the way with her own creativity.

I remember being in middle school and spending day after day writing poetry and songs instead of doing homework.

I never wanted to be limited to one form of art, so in my life I have constantly moved from field to field. . . sewing, painting, writing, gymnastics, diving, dance, music, musical theatre, photography. . . The desire never seems to lessen. And I know why.

Here is a video from my church which gives me the chills and celebrates one of the most fulfilling pursuits of my life. . .

To Create.


Those of you reading this by email can view the video by clicking here.
Thanks to Nie Nie and Natalie for passing this along!

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Mama Winter said...

that made me cry. I loved that :) Thank u for sharing. xo