Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shots from Today

Here's a few shots a from today's show.

The New Song Project

So, last Monday night was the culmination of several months of planning and organizing and a few weeks of stress to boot.
The New Song Project was a concert that I organized, directed and performed in, and I have to say. . . it was a total hit! With 22 incredible USJ performers blowing down the house and a huge crowd of nearly 300 people, the night was truly something spectacular.
Movieman was on hand to film the concert, as was his assistant Ryoko who was following me around through out the night filming me as I prepped the performers, watched from the wings and getting myself ready to go.
Here for your viewing pleasure is 3 clips of me from the concert.

( If you would like to watch the whole concert, you can do so by clicking here and watching it on YouTube:

This is "I'm Not Pregnant," by the ridiculously amazing Katie Thompson. I strongly recommend you all check out her album on iTunes, and for those of you in LA, her show RRREDDD is still running for one more week!

This is "Lost at Sea" a duet with my fellow Elphie, Charity Smith. It's a song about female Pirates in the times of Shakespeare and is written by good friend Danny Larsen.

This is the final number of the concert. I am singing "The Distance You Have Come" by the incredible Scott Alan. The entire cast of the show is thundering in chorus behind me. The power of their voices, the audience so in it with us, and everything about that moment was just incredible, and about half way through the song I get a bit choked up and can't sing. But we finish and it was just magic.

Today's Incarnation!

So, I tweaked a lot today, and I'm liking it a whole lot more. . .
Thanks to feedback from a few people, I have changed the contact page to a email box to prevent spamming,
and I've included a more "me" color scheme.
Your feedback means so much to me, so keep it coming!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photography Website

So, the time is nearing for me to put the pieces altogether and launch my new photography website!
In the next week I will be doing a few different sample websites. Please take a look and give me your feedback. Let me know what you like, what you don't and what's missing.
For the time being, I'm going on zero budget, so please don't have high expectations. The goal is to launch a homemade website to get me started, then upgrade to a fancy flash sight once I get the ball rolling.
Also, I'm trying to find my niche for branding, so please let me hear your thoughts!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hiroshima Photos

Since the video only shows the pics really briefly, I thought I'd post the pics from Hiroshima separately.
However, the video is MUCH MUCH more fun!
So, if you haven't already, go to my actual blog and watch the video!

Craig Thomas

Following Charity's shoot, there was about 15 minutes left of light, so I squeezed a quick little shoot in with Craig. He's from the UK, and is a singer in the Fantastic World Show. He is a complete sweetheart, and with limited time and light, we still got some great shots!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charity Brooke Smith

Charity Brooke Smith, also known as the GORGEOUS Elphie.
She's so stunning that in rehearsals, our director asked her not to smile too much as she is making Elphaba too pretty!
But she plays the goofball card pretty well, too.
For her shoot, she had the added elements of Movieman and Kenji Umei on set shooting her from every angle as part of the documentary they are making about me. I couldn't have chosen a better person for this day, and she was such a blast to shoot with!
Another change for this shoot, is that this is all natural light. My intention was to do my typical flash set up, but my tempermental flashes decided not to work that day.
Good thing it was a beautiful day!