Saturday, June 28, 2008

You've all been begging. . . Here it is!

So, I've been in Japan for nearing 5 months now, and I told you all that I was starring as Elphaba in Wicked out here. . . but doubts have crept in to my honesty as I have yet to provide any video proof of my employment. . .

Well, no more complaining cause a fan has been able to provide the evidence. Apparently there is a video of me performing the Wizard and I and Defying Gravity on YouTube!
Check it out soon, as it may not be up forever (the show is licensed and so the video may be removed from YouTube at some point.)
If you get a chance to see it, I really hope you enjoy it, as I understand why almost no one feels like forking out the thousands of dollars it would cost to come see me live!
(There's still 3 months left, so I'm not giving up hope yet!)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Meet and Greet the Cast of Wicked!!!

Since our show was closed for maintenance, (the dragon had a runny nose, and since he weighs a few tons, the doctor's visit last for 4 days,) we came out for the first time ever to do a meet and greet with our wonderful and devoted fans!
I was being a big ol' dork, as usual, but it turned out to be TANOSHIMOH! (Fun!)
We have the greatest fans ever, and it was a total blast!

With me in the video is my Glinda, Cocoro, and my Wizard Uryu (before every show we do a Buddha belly bump!) I heart them!

Thanks so much Movieman for making this video!
You are amazing!


I have to just share that in the process of wandering the tranquil bamboo forest, and while attempt to achieve the delightful photos below, I was savagely attached by ferocious beasts!

I can just hear their little high pitched vampire buzzing, plotting like the herd or newborn vampires in the very book I was reading. . . "3, 2, 1, Scamairo!" (Japanese for "Get Her!" since of course I'm in Japan, the villains would be plotting in Japanese. . . in which case it would be "san, ni, ichi. . . " I think you get my point.)

I just counted. . .

I have 29 mosquito bites spread across
my arms, feet, and unfortunately my face!

Little bloodsucking evil doers!

I'm investing in some very toxic bug spray!

AHHHHH, I can't stop itching!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So, as you may or may not know about me, I am an avid reader.
Sometimes I read books that are educational.
Sometimes I read books that are historical.
But mostly I read books that a fun. . . and generally meant for an audience half my age.
I have no shame.
I'm proud to report that I am well read on my youth fiction!
To give myself a little credit, my most recent reason for lack of sleep and productivity can actually be blamed on all of my fellow blogging friends!

That's right. . .
I'm currently dreaming about Vampires!
I'm on book three, Eclipse, of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers. They get my pulse racing and I can't go to sleep at night as I have to find out what happens next. It's been less than two weeks and I will probably finish book three some time around 4 am tonight!
It's sad but true.

All day today while in Kyoto, I read.
On the train there, while I waited at my doctor's appointment, as I wandered through the bamboo groves, and again on the way home. And when I wasn't reading, I was wondering what Edward and Bella were going to do about the impending army of
newborn vampires bearing down on Seattle!

I'm a huge nerd and I'm so ready to admit it!
It feels good to say it publicly!
I only wish I figured out how cool nerds are a little earlier in life!

PS- That crazy contraption I'm reading on is my Amazon Kindle!
It's been so useful while I've been traveling since English books are few and far between and often a bit pricey.
PPSS- I was in Kyoto getting a Larynx Massage. . . I have had TMJ and some other related issues for a while now and this has been really helpful.
Dr. Aita (who is super hot, as is his way cute assistant) are only in the Kansai area 2x a month. So, I'm thinking of going up to Tokyo for an extra visit.
I mean, because he said I should be treated more frequently, not just cause they are super hot.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A New Camera in Japan

So after many a years of longing for a SLR camera, I decided I had suffered long enough. I still made myself be frugal and bought the cheapest possible camera I could, and I'm happy to report that it's enough to get me started. I am in love with photography and so excited to share with you my contributions to the photography world. Here are a few shots with my new Nikon D40, and my own little eye as I live and work and love Japan. Enjoy!

(The shot at the top is the 1st picture I took with my new camera of the lens cap in my room. . . notice the green nails? )


There are few ways to get to USJ, but the fastest is to ride my bike to the ferry, go across the water and ride in to work. . . The total travel time is about 15 minutes door to door.

Backstage at USJ's Wicked
The Big Universal Globe at the Entrance to the Park
Uryu, Ozu no Mahoh tsukai sama! xoxo
Nobu and Saki in their Emerald City Gear!
Adorable Saki close up!
Nobo-san, the Praying Mantis Wizard (cause he's so skinny!)
Hair and Make-up Love!
Ryoko's adorable toe socks.
My Galinda, Cocoro (her name means heart!)
They are eating dried Octopus and squid. Oishi nai!

My favorite anime character come to life!
Adorable Ai-chan!

It's all in the eyes!
And I'm ready to face all of OZ!


Waiting for the ferry back across the bay.

Kaigandori House, the home of Gaijin Galore!

Time to do some laundry. . . good thing I have a washer/dryer in my apt!

Mom and Dad sent me the greatest care package ever!!!
Full of delicious goodies that you just can't get in Japan!
I'm such a lucky girl!

The view from my balcony. . .
looking out at the shipyards and the bridge to Cosmosquare.

hanging around Osaka
The National Museum of Art, here in Osaka.
Brass door handles at a small local temple.
There are rivers the criss cross all over the city, flanked by gorgeously manacured parks.

There is an abandoned brick warehouse right next to our apartment building, covered in ivy and vines, just aching to tell it's story.

Lion lamp post at Osaka City Hall.

The homeless in the city are rarely seen, but when you do see them, they do not beg for money or food. They do not even seem scary. This man seemed to just be waiting for his fortune to change.

Napping by the river.

a day in kyoto with jared.

Field Trip!
The kids are so cute, and so excited to be out of the classroom in their matching field trip hats and clip boards, here on the train!

A picturesque little footbridge.

Baka Gaijin!

We be throwin down the reverse peace sign, like we hood. . . but we're so not!

Ringing the bells

The Giving Tree

These cemeteries scare me a little.

Canopy of green.

A little thinking spot.

So that's it for now. . . I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! Thanks for stopping by!