Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A New Camera in Japan

So after many a years of longing for a SLR camera, I decided I had suffered long enough. I still made myself be frugal and bought the cheapest possible camera I could, and I'm happy to report that it's enough to get me started. I am in love with photography and so excited to share with you my contributions to the photography world. Here are a few shots with my new Nikon D40, and my own little eye as I live and work and love Japan. Enjoy!

(The shot at the top is the 1st picture I took with my new camera of the lens cap in my room. . . notice the green nails? )


There are few ways to get to USJ, but the fastest is to ride my bike to the ferry, go across the water and ride in to work. . . The total travel time is about 15 minutes door to door.

Backstage at USJ's Wicked
The Big Universal Globe at the Entrance to the Park
Uryu, Ozu no Mahoh tsukai sama! xoxo
Nobu and Saki in their Emerald City Gear!
Adorable Saki close up!
Nobo-san, the Praying Mantis Wizard (cause he's so skinny!)
Hair and Make-up Love!
Ryoko's adorable toe socks.
My Galinda, Cocoro (her name means heart!)
They are eating dried Octopus and squid. Oishi nai!

My favorite anime character come to life!
Adorable Ai-chan!

It's all in the eyes!
And I'm ready to face all of OZ!


Waiting for the ferry back across the bay.

Kaigandori House, the home of Gaijin Galore!

Time to do some laundry. . . good thing I have a washer/dryer in my apt!

Mom and Dad sent me the greatest care package ever!!!
Full of delicious goodies that you just can't get in Japan!
I'm such a lucky girl!

The view from my balcony. . .
looking out at the shipyards and the bridge to Cosmosquare.

hanging around Osaka
The National Museum of Art, here in Osaka.
Brass door handles at a small local temple.
There are rivers the criss cross all over the city, flanked by gorgeously manacured parks.

There is an abandoned brick warehouse right next to our apartment building, covered in ivy and vines, just aching to tell it's story.

Lion lamp post at Osaka City Hall.

The homeless in the city are rarely seen, but when you do see them, they do not beg for money or food. They do not even seem scary. This man seemed to just be waiting for his fortune to change.

Napping by the river.

a day in kyoto with jared.

Field Trip!
The kids are so cute, and so excited to be out of the classroom in their matching field trip hats and clip boards, here on the train!

A picturesque little footbridge.

Baka Gaijin!

We be throwin down the reverse peace sign, like we hood. . . but we're so not!

Ringing the bells

The Giving Tree

These cemeteries scare me a little.

Canopy of green.

A little thinking spot.

So that's it for now. . . I hope you enjoyed my first blog post! Thanks for stopping by!


f*bomb. said...

Kat! Your pictures are wonderful! I particularly like your eye for detail and the photojournalistic explaination of certain scenes- particularly the homeless.

They're not scary 'coz they're Asian. We're just cute.

How is it you're the ONLY non-Japanese actor here?!?!

jennrocket said...

yayyyy! thank you kat for the photos and update! i miss you so! and i miss japan too. love you lots.

Lara said...

i love it!! it's like i'm reliving my time there...sigh....can't wait to see you when you get back and so glad you're feeling better!

Carol said...

I know I have said it before but I am gonna say it again... I am just a little envious of your life. :-) And I am sure I am not alone on that one. Thank you so much for sharing. Maybe I will just live through your blog for now.

Probably a silly question, but is the show in English or Japanese?

Kat said...

Farrah, you kill me. . . I couldn't figure it out, but you've nailed it. . . Not scary 'coz they're Asian! That's it! Wow, I was just thinking there was a difference in societal mentalities, and social responsibility, but it was staring me in the face. . . You guys are just cute!
At least the babies are!
I feel like a stalker, cause I'm always snapping shots of kids everywhere I go!
PS- Though it doesn't appear so, there are actual other non-Japanese (gaijin) performers in my show. Maybe I should think about posting some shots of them, but as previously pointed out. . . they just aren't nearly as cute as my Nihongo friends!
Thanks for your compliments, and for swinging by my blog. . . you know I'm still completely obsessed with yours.

Kat said...

Jenn, I miss you too! I know you miss Japan, and as I will be missing Japan in not to long, I'm happy to know that your wedding will be like a giant comforting piece of mochi!

Kat said...

Lara, I feel like I still talk about you on a daily basis! Like just today, I was looking at the giant rash breaking out on my neck and shoulders from the incredible amount of sweating that occurs while wearing a giant black potato sack, and I was like, "Ah, Lara warned me about this!" See, it's like you never left!
I miss you, and though I love it here, I can't wait to be back in NYC so we can play again!
I'm glad you like the pics! I promise to post more pieces of our unique life experience!

Kat said...

Carol, I'm jealous of your life! You have an awesome family! But, to answer your question, the show is half and half. . . The dialogue is 95% in Japanese, while the songs are about 65% in English. The big songs like The Wizard and I and Defying Gravity are sung entirely in Enlish, while songs like One Short Day switch between English and Japanese pretty freely. . . "So, I'll be back for good someday, to make my mark and make my way, Dakara Kyo wa Tanashimoh!" Meanwhile, when it's in English there are subtitles on screens on the side of the stage.
It's pretty unique, but it works.

Natalie* said...

i lived in suzuka city . once when i was napping backstage, 2 little girls snuck in and cut an 8 inch curl from my head . when i confusedly awoke, they gave me the peace sign , coveredtheir mouths and giggled.

JAPONESA said...

wow i love your pictures you have posted on here =D

debony said...

That's so funny! i thought the 1st picture WAS your camera!! i was liek HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!! so small! lol!