Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So, as you may or may not know about me, I am an avid reader.
Sometimes I read books that are educational.
Sometimes I read books that are historical.
But mostly I read books that a fun. . . and generally meant for an audience half my age.
I have no shame.
I'm proud to report that I am well read on my youth fiction!
To give myself a little credit, my most recent reason for lack of sleep and productivity can actually be blamed on all of my fellow blogging friends!

That's right. . .
I'm currently dreaming about Vampires!
I'm on book three, Eclipse, of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers. They get my pulse racing and I can't go to sleep at night as I have to find out what happens next. It's been less than two weeks and I will probably finish book three some time around 4 am tonight!
It's sad but true.

All day today while in Kyoto, I read.
On the train there, while I waited at my doctor's appointment, as I wandered through the bamboo groves, and again on the way home. And when I wasn't reading, I was wondering what Edward and Bella were going to do about the impending army of
newborn vampires bearing down on Seattle!

I'm a huge nerd and I'm so ready to admit it!
It feels good to say it publicly!
I only wish I figured out how cool nerds are a little earlier in life!

PS- That crazy contraption I'm reading on is my Amazon Kindle!
It's been so useful while I've been traveling since English books are few and far between and often a bit pricey.
PPSS- I was in Kyoto getting a Larynx Massage. . . I have had TMJ and some other related issues for a while now and this has been really helpful.
Dr. Aita (who is super hot, as is his way cute assistant) are only in the Kansai area 2x a month. So, I'm thinking of going up to Tokyo for an extra visit.
I mean, because he said I should be treated more frequently, not just cause they are super hot.

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f*bomb. said...

I just finished the second one...What's more frightening than a bunch of gorgeous vampires and werewolves? The idea that teenaged girls are SO OBSESSED with them!

It's called codependence, Bella. They have therapy for that.