Saturday, October 18, 2008

Randy on the Randy-Go-Round

For my first shoot back in New York, who better to have worked with than the make-me-laugh-til-I-snort-my-milk-or-pee-my-pants funny, Randy Blair. On November 3rd, he has a show at the Zipper and needed some goofy press shots to use. So, we headed out to the Central Park Merry-Go-Round, where I discovered that shooting on a Merry-Go-Round is much, much, much harder that one would think! In the end we got some ridiculous shots, and my stomach ached from the giggles.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Self Portrait

So, with my new camera and lens in hand, I decided to experiment on myself. After all, I needed some new head shots anyway.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Luke Ha

Luke is my love. . . he is an Australian acrobat performing as a wolf/monkey in the Fantastic world show, who regularly took care of me. I miss his home cooked meal already! His mixed heritage (Chinese and Veitnamese) had people regularly speaking Japanese to him. . . though he could barely speak more than I (and that's not much!)
So, for Luke's shoot, we ventured down to the Cosmo square area, and found a way to get exciting shots, even if it was gloomy and threatening to rain. I think he turned out looking like a super hero! Hmmm, that just about suits him, I think.

Extra shots for JP

As JP is getting ready to launch his new website and is wrapping up his album, he had me edit a few extra shots to use in the process.
Check out JP's myspace page in the coming weeks to see my work featured:
PS- You can also, see my work featured on EHM's (aka Gene) page: