Friday, September 12, 2008


Yet again, crowds formed, this time, as the sassy and sexy LaNiece worked her magic on a group of teenage Japanese boys.
Before long, they were shouting their undying love and begging her to join them at a love hotel. . .
She declined.
LaNiece is a ridiculously amazing singer in the Imagine show. She is a tiny package of fabulous.


~shari~ said...

Man you have been busy!!!!!!! And doing a fabulous job I must say! WOW, you are great! I am jealous of all the cool urban settings you have to shoot at! I think the last time (about a month ago)I visited your blog, there wasn't a place to leave any I'm glad to see there is now! Keep up the awesome work! And thanks for the compliment on my really makes me feel good when other photogs think I'm doing something right! :) When do you come back from Japan? Will you ever be back our way? I'd love to be re-introduced... :)

Jillyboo said...


You are so amazing. Your photography, your life, your talent in almost all things! I am just so thrilled for you and all of the things you are doing.
And thanks for all of your comments. Its always fun to hear little bits from people you love.

f*bomb. said...

She looks like gold.
Great job, Kat!