Monday, April 27, 2009

Act of Kindness #23

Being handicapped in New York City means that you are uh-ma-zing! In such a challenging city for even an able-bodied person, I am always blown away when I see someone with physical limitations navigating these mean streets!
Now, everyone knows that that fastest way to get around in New York is the Subways, and though there are a few stations that are handicap accessible, someone who is handicapped still must rely on the kindness of others to use them.
On Friday, I almost went on my way, before I realized this. A woman in a wheelchair was waiting outside of the turnstiles for the emergency exit to be opened. (It must either be opened from the inside or buzzed open by the station attendant. But he was pre-occupied. . . and even then, it is very difficult for a wheelchair bound person to pull open the heavy iron doors. ) I noticed in time, went back and held open the door. The rockstar went by in her wheelchair and I just admired. I hope if I am ever challenged physically that I will meet the challenge head on like her!

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