Friday, April 3, 2009

30 Days of Kindness : The Challenge

I have been feeling inspired.
People in this wonderful world can be so wonderful, right?
In my life, I have had countless moments where people have taken a moment and some generosity to do things for me. Some were small little deeds that put a smile in my heart. Others were so tremendous, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude.

There are countless times from my travels when I would be standing in the middle of the street with a map looking up and attempting to navigate the strange land. . . Without fail, someone has always stopped to help, give directions, and more often then not, walk with me til they were certain I could find my way.

There was the time in 2003 when I was flying out to New York for the first time on my own. . . I was broke and flying on a voucher on a flight connecting through Minneapolis. My flight was delayed, and I began to chat with the woman sitting next to me. Shortly thereafter, due to the weather in New York, my flight was canceled, leaving me stranded and penny-less in a cold city where I knew no one. As we began to deboard the plane, this woman asked what I would do. When I told her I would find a comfy corner and spend the night in the airport, she said, "NO WAY!" She proceeded to book me a room at a very nice hotel, bought me dinner and took me on a tour of her factory where she creates fiberglass sculptures (the kind used in public art projects across the country.) She had no alterior motive, no expectations, and when I offered to pay her back, she renewed her sentiment of "NO WAY!"

To all of these amazing people who have blessed my life in profound and distinct ways, I could think of no better way to thank them then by paying it forward.
Inspired in part by my favorite blog Operation Nice, part my friend Tamara's recent month long dating challenge 31 Dates in 31 Days, but mostly by RAK's RAK (Ryan And Kim's Random Acts of Kindness Birthday Extravaganza. . . which led to an engagement! Yay! Read all about it, and how I took part in it on Kim's blog here!)

So, what is it, you ask?
In the next 30 days, I will perform 30 acts of kindness, randomly. And then I'm gonna blog about it. I am not going to overthink it. Some may be as simple as picking up trash or holding open a door. Others may be more elaborate. I am not going to debate in my mind who deserves it more, but I intend to give indescriminately. And I am not expecting anything in return.

Without further audieu. . . .
#1: Tonight my Dad asked me to go to the grocery store. I went. (Note: This is not the Act of Kindness ;) I decided that I would buy a gift card for $10 for the Albertson, and on the way out give it to someone coming in. As I was headed for the door, I noticed a woman and her two small children just entering. I left my car just by the door, and ran over to the produce section where she was checking bananas for ripeness. She looked up and smiled. I reached out, handed her the card and said, "This is for you." Without waiting for any response, I waved goodbye, turned back and jogged with my cart out into the rain.

On the card was written-

To: You
From: Me
Just Because.
Random Act of Kindness #1

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jenn said...

awesome! now YOU are inspiration.