Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Act of Kindness #5

Today, I left my parents' home in Milton to go on a vacation/adventure with my sister Erin and her family. We are staying in a vacation home on Whidbey Island (which is apparently one of the longest islands in the US!) It's beautiful so far, and lot's of photos are soon to come!

I thought I wasn't going to have internet access, but I flipped on the computer tonight to discover a weak, pulsating signal. . . just enough for me to explore the internet a bit. In my search, I found a website for The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation! (I didn't even know such a thing existed!) But it's a great site, designed with educators in mind, in order to inspire students to give back. They have free e-cards that you can send, and I decided to send 5 as today's act of kindness. I wrote to friends who I haven't heard from or seen in a long time, expressing my gratitude for their influence in my life.

BTW- I can't help but notice that doing these RAsK, I am finding myself gaining more than I think those I reach out to are receiving. It's like how teachers say they learn more about a topic by teaching you. I am doing some serious self education these days.

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