Saturday, April 4, 2009

Act of Kindness #2

I feel like this one almost shouldn't count. . . mostly because it was so much fun for me!
After having sushi for lunch with my brother (who generously picked up that tab! Thank you!) I thought we should surprise my poor big sister who was home slaving away at her taxes with a little sweet treat!
Our favorite treat is Boba smoothies from a little Vietnamese restaurant in Tacoma called Wendy's II (i don't know where the Wendy's I is. . . )
So, I got a Vanilla and a Strawberry with extra Boba (the little chewy tapioca balls in the drink. . . I say it's like have a smoothie with gummie bears in it! It's addicting!)
I drove over to her house to give her the refreshing treat.
I love my sister (aka, my twin ;) so this one was easy! Next time I promise to stretch my borders a bit more. But don't worry family. . . I'll keep being sweet to you!

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