Saturday, December 26, 2009

So, my sister. . . .

I'm sure you all are aware that I have a twin. A twin, seven years apart. But for the average person, those seven years go unnoticed, and we are commonly mistaken for eachother. . . the perfect example:

Two weeks ago when said twin came to visit me in Chicago with mom, Granny and Grampa, we took a little trip to the Apple store, where Grampa leaned into said twin's ear, thinking it was me and accidentally gave away his intended Christmas Gift Surprise for said twin. Several other times through out the trip, the same thing happened, leaving poor Grampa with the most confounded look on his face. Ahhh, our parent's narrow genetic pool has resulted in a fun little party trick!

Anyway, my beloved twin and I have a very distinguishable difference, only detected with audio sensory perception. She has the most lovely soprano voice, one that has had years of classical training that my voice severely lacks. She sent this beautiful track over and I am oohing over it's lusciousness!! And I thought the world needed to know. So here. . . please savor in the ooey gooey loveliness of my twin's rendition of "That's Him" by Kurt Weill. Yummy!
(you must click the link to listen)

PS- I am counting down the days til I see my crazy twin sis and family!
Here's the countdown clock to prove it!


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Holls said...

Just beautiful! You sure do have a talented family!!