Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome Mr. President

I'm watching the inauguration of our new President, Barrack Obama, and just completely overwhelmed by the power of this moment. I just listened to the most incredible arrangement of Air and Simple Gifts played by some of the most remarkable musicians of our time, and was moved by the beauty of it. John Williams' brilliant arrangement I hope will soon be in my catalog of favorites on my ipod.
. . .
His speech was tempered yet filled with passion and hope. I, with so many others today, feel a bit more brightness of hope. And I eagerly look forward to seeing what we can do as a nation with President Obama guiding our course.
. . .
On a slightly more superficial note- How great did Malia and Sasha look in their J.Crew Coats with satin sashes? And the First Lady looked great as well in her ambitious ly regal chartreuse ensemble! I am not-so-secretly loving the fun fashion of politics!

ps- my roommate is somewhere in this photo!
She was blessed to be able to get tickets to the
inauguration, and has now been a 1st hand
witness to this piece of history! I can't wait til
she gets home to tell me all about it!

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