Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In honor of Martin Luther King Day, and The National Day of Service. . . and by means of honoring the historic call to service by our soon-to-be President Obama (Yay!), I am posting today my own challenge to you to live your life in service! Share with us here on the blog how you are going to be giving service today (or this week or year!)
It can be something tiny, it can be something huge. . . and if you haven't already planned something, it can be spontaneous!

As my way of being a part of this historic day, I am committing to an ongoing act of service without an end date. I was inspired by something I observed while living in Japan.

Every Sunday morning when I would get up (at the crack of dawn) and head out to church, I would see these cute elderly people all along the road on my way to the train. They carried plastic bags, wore gloves and smiled and chatted as they worked. We called them the Sunday fairies! They picked up trash, recycled, swept up leaves, and brightened the day for everyone!

So, I have decided to pick up trash in the park across the street from my apartment. And I commit to doing this once a week.
If we all join together and pick up a little trash, our whole world could be just a little bit nicer!

Now, I challenge you to lose yourself in service today!
To help you out, here are a few ideas gleaned Seth Godin's Blog:

Here are some ideas that you can do online or in your community, with time, not so much with money.

  1. Read a copy of the Lorax to a child that's never heard it.
  2. Teach someone how to sell their services on Craigslist, or how to use the web to find a job.
  3. Go through your house and find beloved books that you're glad you read... and give them to the library.
  4. Create and promote an online petition for a cause you care about.
  5. Make a video that teaches people how to do better in a job interview or balance a checkbook or spot consumer fraud.
  6. Start a Facebook group for like-minded people who support the same non-profit you do. Commit to spending time to promote it, organize the people there and actually create outcomes of value.
  7. Seek out a religion that isn't yours and volunteer to help build a bridge between your circle and theirs.
  8. Write ten letters a day to corporations seeking donations for a local homeless shelter.
  9. Find a cause that supports soldiers or diplomats or other public servants that are on the road, and make it easier for them to connect with people back home.
  10. Write a great wikipedia article every day about a person who is changing the world for the better.

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~shari~ said...

thanks for your comment on Heidi's baby's photos! Isn't Heidi awesome? I am still a little bit freaked out that we have a lot of the same friends yet we don't really "know" eachother! Weird, I know. Anyway...I wanted to see if you'd be interested in showing my little brother a good time (not THAT kind of good time!) out in NYC while he's there doing an internship? If so, I'll give you his number. This is his 2nd internship there -- the last one was for VH1 2 years ago...so he's not totally new to NYC...but you can never have enough friends, right? :) Let me know what you think...email me at sharibeth78 at hotmail dot com. thanks!! by the way, your muse (sarah) is gorgeous and you did an amazing job of capturing her beauty!