Saturday, January 17, 2009

31 Dates in 31 Days

My friend Tamara, a writer for Good Morning America, recently turned 31.
In celebration of this game changing age (or rather, as a means to make lemonade out of lemons. . . ) she decided to create the greatest dating challenge EVER! She would go on 30 first dates in a row, everyday, blog about them, and then culminate in a 2nd date (as voted upon by blog readers) that will take place on Valentine's Day, totalling in 31 dates! And since she works at GMA, there is a possibility of doing the big reveal on air on Valentine's Day.
There are a few ground rules:
*Each date lasts at least 31 minutes
*Each date costs less than $31
*Some of the dates will be with friends *Some dates will be with strangers *Some will be set-ups...
*Dates will take place in a public setting
*No drugs
*No alcohol (Yes, seriously. None.)
*No married men
She asked me to take some photos for her blog, and though it was freezing outside, we had a fun time. I drew her up a little sign, which in turn drew all the wrong attention. . . but the photos convey the right message.
She is such a freakin' awesome girl, and I'm so inspired by her adventurous spirit!
Follow her amazing journey at!
Here's to 31!

PS- Like my new watermark? Thanks to Dave Schefcik for his killer design!


Billy said...

Wow, these photos really capture how cute and fun Tamara is in person. Glad to have met her. :)

Michelle and Dan said...

Odd, but i found your page through Tamara's and i found her on Goodmorning America. (I was bored at work this morning.) I saw that you played Elphaba in the muscial Wicked. I'm reading the book right now. I never really had an urge to see the play but now that i'm reading it, i want to experience the play. I just wanted to tell you your images are beautiful.