Monday, September 14, 2009

Hollywood, here we come!!

So, I am leaving in less than 24 hours and headed to the fabulous city I have been absent from for so long! I grew up in SoCal, and have spent many hours driving the crazy streets and freeways of LA, and thus, I'm so looking forward to this quick trip "home."

I just have to rub in the glamorous lifestyle that Cirque provides me!
1: I will be picked up from my Montreal apartment and taken to the airport where. . .
2: We will board our private Jet from our private airport terminal.
3: We will arrive in Los Angeles and be taking to our UH-MAZING hotel. . . please see photos below! (This is the Sofitel in Los Angeles. . . I'm drewling and so excited!)
4: All meals will be taken care of.
5: We will be taken to CBS studios where we will have makeup artists do our makeup, and all our wants provided!
6: We are going to be on national television performing in front of approximately 20 million viewers!
I hope you are one of them!

So, I will savor the moments, and perhaps make you a little video of the experience!
Til then, be jealous!

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Holls said...

SOOO jealous!! Cannot wait to see you on tv!!!