Monday, September 14, 2009


I just found out about this brilliant stunt for Oprah, and as I watched it, it totally made me smile and even giggle out loud! What more can you ask for than to take one of my favorite groups, singing one of my current favorite songs, with 20,000 people spontaneously dancing to it, and Oprah looking on in delight?
I must say, that out of all the things I miss by not living in the US right now, up top is not getting to watch Oprah on a daily basis! But, since I am going to be in Chicago in just one month, I think I will have to make up for it a little!

Watch, delight, and revel in this magical stunt!


Mama Winter said...

that was so fun. 1st I was smiling then i was crying. i think im overly emotional being pregnant. haha im so wierd :)

debony said...

My boyfriend and I really digged this. i missed it when it aired, but it was def. cool!