Thursday, September 10, 2009

Banana Shpeel!

The word is out, and the word is:



Today, we had our press conference in NY at our 2010 home, The Beacon Theatre, where we announced the title and performed a 10 minute clip of the show. It was thrilling, it was chaotic, it was incredible, and it was FUN!

It is crazy how every day this project keeps blowing my mind. . .
And to think when I first got the offer I thought about maybe not taking it!
Silly me!

And here are a couple of the articles I've been culling from the web!
New York Times
And if you are in NY, keep your eyes open for us on New York 1!

I only spent about 20 hours in NY, but I got so overwhelmed with the idea of the life I will be living there in 2010!
Some of things I will be looking forward to include:
- Living in a SWEET luxury apartment in The Hotel Beacon!
- A 2 minute walking commute to work!
- The Upper West Side! Yes, I love it!
- Working in the historic and gorgeous Beacon Theatre!
- Being a working, well paid performing in New York City, in a show that I LOVE!
- Being a 3 minute walk from The Hummus Place
- Having a 7 minute walk to church!
. . . and so much more!

Stay tuned for a little video I made documenting the trip!
Did I mention we flew on private planes, got pampered beyond belief and did our job brilliantly?
Well, we did.
Now you know.


debony said...

You are absolutely amazing! From TAAG to proud! Can't wait to see the new show!!!

jenn said...

you deserve it!!!!