Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Body || Kerry Brown

Right before I left New York to begin rehearsal for Cirque du Soleil,
I had just enough time to do a few last photoshoots!
As you know, I worked on and off for Lululemon Athletica for the last two years. During my time there, I was lucky enough to work with the amazing Brown sisters! Kerry and Tracy and some of the most vibrant wonderful women you could ever know, who completely embody the Lululemon spirit. When you work for Lulu, you do a lot of goal setting. . . You start off by asking yourself the question :
If you could do anything without fear of failing, what would you do?

When Kerry asked herself that question recently, she realized she should be modeling. . . Fitness Modeling!
And I think she's on to something! Sister, Tracy, came along for moral support (and helped out a bit too!) The fabulous Shane Terenzi hooked Kerry up with fabulous hair & makeup (and body oil to boot!) We shot at the awesome Riverbank Park, which is right across the street from my NYC apartment.
May I present the girl with the body: Kerry Brown!

Can you say ABS? And look at those gorgeous gams!

Ready for a run . . .the competitor coming out.


Jump rope, anyone? ( Note the all Lululemon attire. . . even the jump rope is Lulu. )

This is one strong beautiful woman!

Can you believe she's never modeled before?

We decided to go for a walk through the sprinklers. The kids were full of questions. . .

And then, the kids turned on us, and sprayed the water right at her! The little girl's reaction in the foreground is priceless! My favorite shot of the day!

Thanks Tracy for an amazing shoot! Can't wait to see you in Shape Magazine someday!!


sarawhat said...

looking at these pics makes me want to go to the gym...or stop eating or something. The jump rope one is my favorite.

Mama Winter said...

those look straight out of a magazine. u talented woman u.
thanks again for the photo tips. xoxox