Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kyoto, 4th of July and Antonia's Opening

Okay, so it's been a crazy week, but beautiful in so many ways.

Let's Start with Antonia's Opening as Elphie!

So, after many months of waiting, our director, Komei, finally had a chance to come down from Tokyo to rehearse with Toni so that we could finally have our understudy! And I must say, she was brilliant!!! Charity, Cassie and I all sat in the audience together like little momma-hens, holding hands the whole time, and just beaming with pride for our girl! The fans were freaking out to see all three of us there at the same time. So now she is in once a week, and is just going to be amazing as she continues to grow.

Toni checking her make up before her last dress rehearsal.

Next, let's discuss the 4th of July.

Let's just say, it was mellow. But seriously fun. All us expatriates gathered for a casual barbecue throughout the day. I had 2 shows that morning, so I came by after I finished. We had a blast, especially later in the evening when I went a little nuts dancing, and setting off fireworks. I'm proud to be an American Expatriate! I miss you USA, but i'll see you soon!

My reflection in Antone's glasses.

Malachai in his patriotic tank just basking in the sunset.

Now for Kyoto.

Yesterday I made my bi-monthly trek to Kyoto for my larynx massage with the sexy Dr. Aita and his oh-so-hot assistant. They are in Tokyo for the rest of the month, and I'm seriously considering going up there, for "additional treatments."
But while I was in Kyoto, I did some of my usually sight seeing. This time, I went to Chion-in, a huge temple in the Gion district.

relaxing at chion-in

A big Buddha shrine inside one of the smaller pavillions.

A small buddha shrine in the big temple.

You take one half and I'll take the other of this Heavenly Wishbone! 1, 2, 3, Pull!

What did you wish for? I wished I could be in the same place as you right now! Too bad, you got the bigger half! Hope you made a good wish!


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Ashley said...

A larynx massage huh? I'm ready for pretty much any massage at this point! I love the pix of the green make up because it makes me feel like I'm behind the scenes. I must say, taken in true photog fashion as well. More pix please!!!