Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Festival at our Neighborhood Temple

For the last 3 days, at one of our neighborhood temples, there has been a little street fair/ festival of sorts taking place. Stands lined the perimeter of the park, and families gathered to play games and eat good eats, adorned in their kimonos and swinging into the temple to ring the bell and chant a prayer. Ralph and I decided to walk through, and had a blast trying out some strange but delicious foods on a stick (some familiar, some not so familiar)!
I couldn't get enough of all the beautiful children having so much fun with their parents!

(Upper Left) The Japanese are completely obsessed with Stitch, as in Lilo & Stitch. He is everywhere at this festival.
(Upper Right) Glow sticks for Sale
(Above) Ralph taking in the festival just as it turns to dusk. The Gate to the Temple can be seen in the distance.

~ Everywhere we went people were eating these strange pancakes rolled up on a stick.
They were still quite doughy, with something pickled inside, some crunchy something, and topped with ketchup, mayo, and seaweed flakes.
Not our favorite, but not gross either.

Fishing for colorful balls. And boys look on as an eel wrangler finagles an electric eel out of a tub. . .

Yummy yummy candy covered fruit! I love how the ice steam rises up to surround the glossy grapes.

Yakisoba! This I know. . . This I love!!!

Chocolate covered bananas are of course, OISHI!
Eggs are placed on top of Octopus Crackers. . . not for me!
And Ralph's favorite was a hot dog covered in scrambled egg and topped with mayo and ketchup.

This reminds me of growing up when the Mexican shaved ice guy would come through our neighborhood each day! Ralph has to have his Blue Hawaii!

Two brothers in matchy kimonos! How precious!!!


Tamara said...

oh fun!!!! :)

Erin said...

Yummy fruit.