Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Summer Night, Another Local Festival!

All through the summer, all over Japan, you can find night after night of local festivals. I posted about one right outside my apartment a few weeks ago. And just last week, Megu took Ralph, Saki, Nobu and I out to enjoy one in her neighborhood of Noda.

It was bigger, brighter, and much more crowded than the last one, but we had such a great time!


Erin said... look so tall compared to the man in the yellow shirt. What are you doing with those gloves on anyway.

Kat said...

He was tiny, even for a japanese man!
So, he was having me heat these rice cake thingies! But he was really doing it to create a spectacle! By the time I got behind the counter, there was a huge crowd gathered round.

Ashley said...

Great photos Kathleen! You little photographer, you. Can we trade places for like, a week? I need a vacay =).