Monday, June 15, 2009

The Tony Awards!

A week ago tonight, I had the insane honor of getting to attend the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall with my darling roommate Jen. We get all glammed out, as it was a black tie event, and in true frugal fashion, hopped the subway down to the red carpet. We got some serious looks, but we loved it! Everyone knew where we were headed, and the buzz was thrilling.
From the moment it started, we got the chills, and I unashamedly cried at least 10 times! Here are my favorite moments:
1- Laura Benanti's seriously comedic hosting skills for the pre-show (sadly, not aired on tv.) From that little bit, I have decided Laura and I should be best friends.
2- The insanely elaborate opening number! Though there were sound issues through out the show live in the theatre, we at least didn't have to hear Josefina Scaglione warming up backstage! LOL. The end of the number, when all of the casts of all the shows came out, I thought about the amazing theatre community, how it is such a family, and how incredible it must have felt to be up there! So many moments in that opening number were thrilling, but none more than. . .
3- Bret Michaels getting face planted by the dropping set piece. . . There was a huge collective gasp in the theatre when it happened! Then we didn't know if we should be concerned or if we should laugh our faces off. . . We went with an uncomfortable combination of the two.
4- Angela Lansbury's incredible acceptance speech, and the crowds standing ovation. It was incredible to see such a huge star and legend so overwhelmed by the respect she has garnered.
5- Karen Olivo's incredible win and acceptance speech! Yet another teary moment for me!
6- The overall message of encouragement to all of us up and coming performers watching either in the audience or at home. . . I felt like everyone was telling me to keep going and not give up. It was exactly what I needed to hear!
7- The Billy's! When they won, and they were overwhelmed with tears, I was like a proud momma, and I think everyone in the audience felt the same way! So precious!
8- Alice Ripley's win! Though her acceptance speech was a bit crazed, the fact that she won was exhillerating to the young crowd up in the 2nd mezzanine! The entire crowd litterally sprang out of our seats when they called her name! And she looked right up at us as she approached the podium. Her performance in Next to Normal is one of the most extraodinary things I've seen in ages.
9- Hair. . . need I say more. Love 'em or hate 'em, they know how to put on a show. The energy coming off the cast was so infectious and made me wanna be on stage with them! And then, when they won Best Revival right after that and the entire cast came back out, it was overwhelming! Jen and I both have several friends in the cast, and we were so proud to see how far they had all come!
10- NPH. There are no words to describe how much I adore him. He hosted the Ovation Awards 2 years ago when I was nominated, and I loved him as a host then. But he just took it from love to obsession with this year's show. His little looks and jabs, his adorable interaction with the crowd during commercial breaks, and that seriously amazing finale number, just blew my mind! Neil Patrick Harris, can we be best friends, too?

So, that sums it up! Here is a little pic of Jen and I from our seats in the theatre that we snuck before the show. Here's to next year! And maybe one day, I'll get to be on that stage!

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