Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First Session

So, in my pursuit to become a "real" photographer, I've taken the plunge and gotten some real gear. . . strobes, wireless transmitters, umbrellas, light stands, clamps, filters, etc.
And now begins the road to building a portfolio.

As I'm thinking I'm going to start out in portrait/headshot photography, I've started booking a bunch of my fellow USJ performers to model for me!
Today was my first "session."

In the pics is Aaron Buckingham. He's our resident "celebrity" here. He's from the UK where he was a member of the famous pop group "V" and now he's here as a singer in the "Fantastic World" show. He was so patient with me as the wind blew over my light stand 5 times, I experimented with settings, and the mosquitoes ate us alive!
Arigato, Aaron!

I shot nearly 300 frames, but have attempted to narrow it down.
Here are my top 20 in no particular order!


1 comment:

Scottie and Kimber said...

those shots look amazing! They seriously look professional! And I know I'm married....but that guy is hot! Good choice for your first model!!!!!