Friday, August 15, 2008

2nd Session. . . The Night Shoot

So, after my first session being a relative success, I jumped right into the next shoot today.
But, as I had a 5pm show, I didn't get home til 6:15, and thus had very little sunlight left to work with.
I had been planning on using primarily strobes anyway, but didn't realize the mild
complications that come with shooting at night, such as:
Trying to see the dials on the flash
Trying to see the subject to focus on
Tripping over my own feet
(though this tends to be a problem for me, no matter the light levels.)

So, (as a note to myself) remember to bring a steady light source when on night shoots. . .
(and remember how in-effective it is to try to hold your cell phone up to the camera like a flash light.)

Now, my lovely subject today was Mr. Andy Ramos (soon to be Eubanks.)
He plays Wolfie (ie The Wolfman) in the Universal Monsters Live Show (formerly Beetlejuice Rocks.)
He is so incredibly talents, and it was such a joy to shoot with him.
Here are my favorites of the day.


Ashley said...

Look at you Miss photographer!!! I've never even attempted a night shoot so you are definitely a step ahead! I'm so excited for you!

Claudia said...

oh my gosh Kathleen Hennessey! I can't believe prob don't even remember me.. Claudia Espinoza from our ward growing up! You are gorgeous. I love how I found you while snooping through other people's blogs :o)