Friday, November 26, 2010

Morgan James | In Concert

Just about two years ago, I was walking down 42nd street with a few friends and a new acquaintance. She was blonde, gorgeous without any makeup, and sweet as can be. We got to talking and decided to do a trade: She would work on new music with me, and I would do a photoshoot for her. . .
Flash forward two years later, and I am just now holding up my end of the bargain.
Since that fated day, I have come to call Morgan James my friend. And since that day, she has rocked the Broadway stage in The Addams Family, and will soon bring down the house in Wonderland the Musical (with a few other fabulous friends!)
2 weeks ago, she debuted her first solo concert at Le Poisson Rouge in NY. In true diva style, she schooled everyone in that room on what it means to be a star.




Check out the slideshow below.

And of course, here she is live, bringing down the house!

Congrats Morgan on being a total genius!

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David Arscott said...

Thank you for posting this. Morgan is incredible. Having come from a musical town where every student sang all through school, we appreciate how special she is.
Wow - to be able to ding a duet with her until my voice caves after three minutes - now that's perfect.
Beautiful photographs - congratulations.