Friday, February 26, 2010

SMITTEN { A Little Night Music } on Broadway

Can you believe that I once said, "I don't really get the big deal. . . why does everyone worship Stephen Sondheim?"
Can you believe I used to hate the song, "Send in the Clowns"?
Can you believe I was ever so dumb?
Wait. . . don't answer that!

Well, I have learned the error of my ways, and my teacher is none other than the marvelous and sparkling production of A Little Night Music currently starring on Broadway.
I, literally, just walked in the door and could not wait to write down my thoughts.
In the midst of yet another apocolyptical winter storm here in New York, I was lucky enough to get two tickets to the perenially sold out performance tonight.
Smitten, mesmerized, enamored . . .

From the first note of the cello, the glide of the voices, the simplicity of the set and the stunning performances, I could not have been more in love with this production!
I loved everything, but I must say that the stand out moments include:

These three had me hanging on every word. The chemis
try was palpable and real, and though I was in the back of the theatre, I felt like I was in on their every secret.
Alexander Hanson, I think I have a crush. Angela Lansbury, a legend I adore, was the ultimate voice of wisdom and sass. And Catherine surprised me with her strength and ease, along with her gorgeous voice. I used to despise the song "Send in the Clown," and now I realize it is because I never really heard it before.

Aaron Lazar is brilliantly hate-worthy, and no one is complaining when he takes his shirt of in the last 20 minutes, either.

The five lieder singers are each in their own right spectacularly talented, but beautifully subtle as they move from scene to scene.

The lighting is almost ghostly, and it makes you feel as if you are peering into someone's dream throughout the show.

And the music is somehow familiar and part of you. When I was younger, I truly didn't understand the way Sondheim's music works. I'm so grateful I get it now!

And did I mention that I laughed non-stop throughout the show? I don't know why I wasn't really expecting that.

I am in love with the costume design. . . I think I'd look pretty fabulous in Catherine's act one silver and black traveling dress!

And the ultimate honor (read artistic jealousy and respect) is to the ridiculous Leigh Ann Larkin who simply put, made me want to be her. I knew I would love her from the start of the show, and she surpassed even my expectations. She has such complete control over all that she is doing, yet lets go and makes you believe she truly lives without anyone watching. In the Miller's Son, she oozes sensuality without making you queasy. Overall, she is my favorite thing in a show of amazing things!

So, in conclusion, if you are in New York anytime in the near future (and yes, I'm talking to you family who is arriving in 3 weeks) this is a MUST SEE! Let me now what day works best for you :)

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