Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've Run Away With the Circus!!!

Have you heard?
I've Run Away with the Circus!!!
Cirque du Soleil, to be exact! And the verdict is in. . . I'm in love with this company! I'm part of the original cast of Vaudeville (which will receive it's official name later this year), which will be come to New York in 2010!!

Today was the first day of school. . . Circus School!
I arrived at the Cirque du Soleil compound here in Montreal, and was blown away!
The people are all so delightfully kind and helpful, and facilities beautiful, and the amenities. . . Whoa, Nelly, I feel spoiled already!! Pilates and Yoga every day before rehearsal, full time on staff Physical Therapists/ Trainers, everything I could possibly need!
I can't wait to get started rehearsing on Wednesday!

I will be posting the little bits that I can, and fellow circus peep, Alex will be video blogging about us all! I'll post her first blog-cast later this week! Until then, imagine me juggling, tapping, and sliding down a vertically rotating stage. . . Pretty fierce, eh? Just a sample of what's to come!

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~shari~ said...

that is SO cool! have fun!!!!!! I can't wait to hear more about it!