Saturday, September 18, 2010

WHAT? Bloomer explosion

Can anyone explain this to me??

Why would you want to walk around in your panties?

Even if you have the most amazing legs in the world, can anyone honestly explain why you would wear these, especially styled in the middle of a forrest, in boots and a scarf. Aren't you girls a little chilly?

But the trend is everywhere, from Project Runway to my beloved Cynthia Rowley.

It's not summer, and honestly, it just ain't cute, kids!
I honestly just don't get it.

But, if you got the legs and the comprehension for why, by all means do. . . .
Just do it in the Carribean or somewhere tropical.

1 comment:

Holls said...

Ugh, I could not agree more with you! I am so lost with this trend, I hate it! I am so glad you feel the same!