Sunday, November 1, 2009

Banana Shpeel Video #7

Sorry I haven't been doing much posting these days! We are in Chicago, and with just 2 weeks to our first public performance, and a lot of changes taking place, it's been a relentless schedule of rehearsals, fittings and fatigue!
But it's all for the love of this wonderful work we are creating, and here's a little snippet for you!
Here's the latest behind the scene's sneak peak!
Just before we left Montreal, we filmed the commercial which is running non-stop here in Chicago!!
And for the first time, you can actually see a few shots of me! As you watch the montage, you will see a close up of me putting on my eyelashes, and that pretty mouth putting on bright pink lipstick is me too!
If you're in the Chicago area, tune in a check out the commercial!

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Emchillada said...

This IS AWESOME KAT!!!!!!! Wow, I tell you, I am SO SO happy for you. I understand a little how grueling rehearsals can be, we're in rehearsals for Yo Gabba Live! and it's insane. But look for us at the Macy's Day parade this Thanksgiving! : )