Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project "Get Hot"

As many of you know, a little over a year ago I sustained a pretty traumatic injury that had a major impact on my life. While my technical injury was a "ruptured disc," the full extent of the injury impacted me on so many other levels. One of the biggest side effects was that over the course of my recovery, I spent a very long time unable to exercise, and because of that (combined with some expected "eating of one's feelings") I lost a lot of muscle and strength, and gained a few unwanted pounds.

Well, it's time to shed that excess, and through the help of my fitness guru Mark Fisher, I am on my way to being SNATCHED!

His snatched in 6 weeks program is kicking my butt, but after a mere 3 days of intensity, I am already feeling stronger (and sorer!) and have noticed some subtle but impressive changes. Specifically and inch of my waist has already run screaming for the hills!
So, here it is, my toast to Getting Hot, and ultimately getting back to the life I was meant to be living!



Anonymous said...

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