Saturday, January 30, 2010

Missing In Action

Okay, so I've been a bit off the radar for a bit, I know.
But if you have been following me on Twitter then you would know, that I have been having a whole lot of fun!
I will do my best to keep you better informed, henceforth, but here's a few things you should be aware that you missed:

I am a Redhead! (Yes, I know, I've been one before, but this time is different!)

I spent a week in Hawaii, but only 24 hours of it with my dear BFF Jeshi!

Made Mommy spend lots of mula on making her house perdy!

Spent a weekend in a vacation rental with almost my entire immediate family! (There were noticable absences!)

Ate Meat Candy for the first time, and LOVED it!! (At the Pacific Grill in downtown Tacoma!)

And finally! I'm back in NYC and ramped up to get this show going!
We start previews February 25th, and open March 23rd! Get your tickets at
Loving living and working at the Beacon! This is my room:

I have a 2 minute commute to work (3 minutes with elevator traffic at rush hour! :)

That should hold you over for now! I promise to give a full report soon!!

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Holls said...

Live the dream girl! I'm uber proud of you! Xoxo!!